"Good writers define reality; bad ones merely restate it." -- Edward Albee

In a world filled with wordsmiths, what separates Falconer Communications from other writing services? Three things: 1) uncompromising quality; 2) versatility and flexibility; 3) supporting skills in other communications media. All are invaluable to the process of organic content creation.

I can coordinate with a content strategist, or help a technologist express complex ideas in plain language. I can improvise with an art director, or conduct a celebrity interview.

From business materials and web content, to newspaper columns and magazine interviews; from technical articles and narrative design, to television scripts and story development, I offer proficiency across a range of channels.

Every writing assignment is treated with the same degree of care; the same attention to fine detail.

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Specialization through Diversification

Two schools of thought are popularly held about writers and writing. One belief holds that expert focus in a narrow range of disciplines is preferable to being a broad generalist. The other proposes that diversity is the key to creativity. As a freelance writer I believe the latter—that a wider spectrum of experience is an asset, making for better writing, no matter the field.

While it’s true that each discipline typically adheres to its own rules and style, it has been my observation that when it comes to writing, one field often informs another in myriad ways. Thus, as a business writer I understand how storytelling illustrates a point or perspective in a more engaging, compelling way—just as a web copywriter can benefit from a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business writing. As the great Madison Avenue advertising executive David Ogilvy once said, “A great ‘customer delighter’ must be well-rounded.”

A partial list of clients and/or organizations with whom I have worked: