Writers should possess "...richly furnished minds" -- David Ogilvy

Robert-Portrait_250x300_IICall me a storyteller. Whether it’s crafting words, making images, or giving voice to content, for over 20 years I’ve been a multidisciplinary communications professional—a writer | photographer first and foremost, but also a content producer and voice narrator. (LinkedIn)

I began my professional writing career penning scripts—and pitching—for several television series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent spinoffs. In more recent years I’ve applied my wordsmithing skills to the sectors of business, media and journalism, over the years working to produce content for such organizations as Metro News and National Geographic Channel. (More…)

For nearly as long as I’ve been penning words, I’ve been crafting imagery. Though my primary focus is cinematic stills for film and television, my visual palette includes capturing the world and its peoples; from shadows falling across the majestic lands of Africa, to the bustle of the urban metropolis; from environmental portraits, to vignettes of everyday life. I’ve been a contributing editor for Nikon Owner Magazine since 2003, and am an official Fujifilm X-Photographer (global product ambassador). (More…)

Completing this “holy trinity” of skills, I offer a versatile and enduring voice for everything from compelling narration, to accessible, yet authoritative corporate presentations. Clients have included the Port of Naniamo, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics (TRIUMF), Best Buy, and the Government of Alberta. (More…)

Over the years, I’ve lent my time and expertise to a number of organizations; as a copyeditor and official photographer for Vancouver’s Merging Media Conference, and as a member of the communications team for the IABC/BC’s Gift of Communications program. Passionate about animal welfare, my volunteer work has also taken me across the globe to Africa, where in December 2011 I worked with the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) in a conservation & education program.